Frequently Asked Questions

Using Glucocil

How should I start taking Glucocil?
The instructions say to take Glucocil with lunch and dinner, but can I take it with breakfast?
Would I benefit from taking more than the recommended amount?
When should I test my post-meal blood sugar level?
Is it safe to take 3 times a day?
Occasionally I like to treat myself to some carbohydrates like bread or pastas. If I take some Glucocil prior to eating them, will it help?
Since taking Glucocil, I feel less hungry and more energetic. Is this expected?
If Glucocil makes me less hungry, should I skip meals?
Should I take Glucocil every day?
Is it important to exercise and watch what I eat while taking Glucocil?
Other members of my family are concerned about their blood sugar. Should I suggest they take Glucocil?
Who should not take Glucocil?
Can I take Glucocil even if I don't have immediate blood sugar concerns?

Glucocil Ingredients, Quality, and Safety

Is Glucocil free of dairy, egg, starch, yeast, barley, rye, wheat, or other gluten?
Is Glucocil free of artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, sodium, stimulants, and sugar?
Have the ingredients in Glucocil been studied?
Is Glucocil FDA approved?
Does Glucocil require a prescription?
Does Glucocil have any side effects?
Is Glucocil addictive?
Is Glucocil high quality?
Is there a patent on Glucocil?
Where is Glucocil made?
Is Glucocil easily absorbed?
How should I store Glucocil?
Can I take extra chromium picolinate along with Glucocil?


How do I place an order?
How can I have Glucocil delivered to me overnight?
What credit and debit cards does Neuliven Health accept?
Does Neuliven Health accept checks or money orders?
Is my order secure?
How can I be sure my order has been received?
If I choose Autoship, can I change, delay, or cancel my order at any time?
When will my package arrive?
What if the product arrives damaged?
Does Neuliven Health accept international orders?
What do I do if there is a shipping or delivery error?
Can I return the product?

Other Information

What are the details of the 30-day Money Back Guarantee?
How can I reach Neuliven Health Customer Service?
Does Neuliven Health formulate other products besides Glucocil?
Can I get reimbursed for Glucocil?
I'm a healthcare practitioner, and I would like more information about Glucocil. Whom should I contact?
Whom do I contact about wholesale or retail distribution of Glucocil?
Who is your media contact?
Whom do I contact about becoming a Glucocil affiliate?