Add Radishes into Your Diet

Mondays we like to talk about healthy habits, small changes we can make in our lives that will make us just a little healthier. Sometimes, we talk about exercise or routines that can be incorporated easily. Frequently, we focus on specific and, often, overlooked looked foods or ingredients that might add some “spice” to your diet.

Radishes are a root vegetable in the cabbage family. Mostly eaten raw in salads, this vegetable in a powerhouse of health benefits.

Radishes have an oddly medicinal flavor that some people love, and others loathe. The peppery taste of radishes is, strangely, not present in the food in a resting state. Radishes are bland until cut or bitten. Two components of radishes are kept separate within the fruit’s cells. When the cells are damaged, by eating or cutting, the compounds mix and produce the kick we all recognize. Many people view radishes as a garnish, something to move to the side but you should think twice before writing them off.

One cup of radishes contains 20 calories and four grams of carbs. They are high in vanadium which is an essential trace mineral that adds blood sugar level by making the cells more sensitive to insulin. They also contain vitamins B2, B5, B9 and C, as well as a host of good-for-you minerals and phytonutrients. As it is both low in calories and has a low glycemic index, radishes can be great for weight loss.

Radishes are packed with benefits, containing compounds that aid the liver, slow the spread of ulcers and might protect against cancer. Additionally, they have been hailed as a beauty food because of both their nutritional impact on skin and as a face mask!

With all that in mind, you might find yourself throwing them into your salad. Predominantly, radishes are eaten simply chopped but can be incorporated into smoothies, pickles and more. Here are eight ideas for getting more radish dishes into your life. Most people don’t think of cooking radishes, but they are delicious. If you aren’t a fan of radish’s flavor, you’ll be happy to know that it mellows when heated. They also go from crunchy to juices. Check out how to cook them here! As always, if you have recipes you would like to share, please email

June 19, 2019
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