Beating New Year Sugar Cravings

In the weeks after holidays, cravings for high sugar foods can be much harder to ignore than at other times of the years. We have primed our brains and stomachs for food we might otherwise avoid, and now want more of it. Many of us still have holiday decorations up, and our minds might not be entirely focused on our health yet. Those of us with blood sugar concerns may be seeking methods and tricks to overcoming sugary desires.

The problem with simple carbs and sugar is that the more we eat, the more we want. Simple carbs only satisfy hunger in the short term unlike proteins and complex carbs. Moreover, sweet flavors release serotonin and endorphins, mini rushes of rewards to your brain. This mix of actual hunger and your brain’s desire for chemical release make sugar and carbs hard to ignore.

But there are steps you can take both for instant help and long-term results. These range from what you might expect — eating healthy filling meals — to the slightly surprising — getting a great night’s sleep. Additionally, walks and hot showers may help you not eat a doughnut.

In addition to behavior, you can change your diet. You can do things like swap soda and gum for sugar-free versions. That can trick your brain into releasing the same chemicals it would when eating real sugar. However, the drawback of this is that, as with any other addiction, you may be left unsatiated.

You can also add in different foods like fermented vegetables, spirulina and swap in spice in the place of sugar. All of these changes can help you work toward easily resisting high sugar, high carb foods.

New Year’s resolutions are so hard to keep. The Glucocil team wishes you the very best. We’re rooting for you all and wish you a great year!

January 09, 2019
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