Can a Mint Make Sugar Unappealing?

You’ve probably heard about mints or lozenges that make sugar unappealing. They have been featured everywhere from internet shows to lifestyle websites. The team over at Goop swears by them. If you are anything like us, you distrust everything Goop says. Many experts have said that their advice is dangerous. We wanted to take a look at the product ourselves.

Gymnema sylvestre is an ingredient in Glucocil. It helps the beta cells in the pancreas produce insulin and increases the body’s use of sugar. When taken as a tea or lozenge, it can dampen your mouth’s ability to taste sugar. Scientific studies have shown it not only stops you from tasting the sugar, but it also stops your brain from getting the chemical boost associated with ingesting sugar. By making it so that you don’t taste sugar, it can make the food less appealing. By stopping the “reward” sensation, you have no interest in continuing to eat it.

Video taste tests have shown that people genuinely cannot tell what foods they are eating while blindfolded after taking lozenges made with Gymnema sylvestre. One man guessed that a 3 Musketeers bar was clay, showing it not only damped sweetness but flavor overall. Gymnema sylvestre doesn’t make you less hungry, but it does point you away from sugary foods. Sugary foods tend to be very “moreish” and can lead to overeating.

We are eating more added sugar than ever before,” said Associate Prof. Ajmol Ali of Massey Univ. “So this compound has great potential to help people reduce their high consumption of sugary food and beverages and move to healthier options. When the treats stopped tasting good, people ate less.”

It doesn’t turn off your comprehension of savory flavors, so it won’t stop you from being able to eat. This isn’t a pill that will make you starve yourself, just steer you away from sweet things. If you try one of these pills, you may find that a snack you usually enjoy does taste different. If you check the label, it’s possible that it contains sweeteners you never noticed. It could change the way you view your foods. It wears off quite quickly, so it won’t ruin sweets for you forever. But, it might help you if you want to avoid eating something you usually cannot resist.

Although they are readily available and over the counter, we suggest you speak to a doctor before making any changes to your diet. While one of these products containing Gymnema sylvestre might be something you would like to try, your doctor might have different advice about what’s best for you.
July 30, 2020
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