Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month. The Neuliven Health team feels that nutrition is essential all year round, but we enjoy celebrating holidays just as much as everyone else. Here are some great ways to try out healthier eating this month!

Here’s an idea that will really shake things up: try two new recipes a week. We all fall into the trap of cooking the same dishes frequently. Once we know what we like and how it impacts our blood sugar, it can be hard to branch out. But, you don’t need to go crazy and find something exotic and complicated on the internet. Ask your friends for their favorite healthy recipes and try them out. Just trying new recipes can significantly widen your food options. And, when they are suggested by your friends, you’re not likely to be disappointed.

Another fun idea is throwing a potluck. It doesn’t have to be fancy or formal. Just send out an email or text inviting your friends and family to a healthy potluck. Have everyone respond with what healthy dish they are bringing and enjoy a day with your loved ones. It’s a great excuse to spend time together without a holiday. Keeping it casual invites a different tone than a typical party. Unlike at the holidays or an event like tailgating, you’ll be enjoying healthy foods instead of buffets filled with indulgent snacks. A great thing about it being a potluck is that you can retry a food you used to dislike. Many of us don’t want to commit the time to a recipe only to find out that we hate eggplant in adulthood, just like when we were kids. But, when you have people bringing other dishes, you can try something out and not be stuck with leftovers you don’t like.

Having a month devoted to nutrition can prompt you to start a healthy new project or habit. If you have always wanted to start a vegetable or herb garden, now is the time. If you don’t have a yard, get yourself some herbs that grow inside or a hanging tomato plant that you can keep on your front step. Or challenge yourself to something new. For instance, we’re told to drink eight glasses of water a day. Try it out! Stick to it for a month and see if it’s manageable and if you notice any difference in your health. Sometimes going into a challenge or hobby with a deadline can make it less overwhelming. And, having a vague idea of starting “in the future” doesn’t get a plan off the ground. Start this month!

For more ideas, information and tips, you can check out the official website for National Nutrition Month. You may learn a lot and get excited about a new healthy eating idea.
March 09, 2020
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