Does Water Really Aid Weight Loss?

Water has many benefits. It helps your kidneys and thins out blood fluids so that blood, saliva and the like can travel through the body faster and more effectively. It lubricates joints, helps you stay cool on hot days, lowers blood pressure and improves exercise performance. While we aren’t fans of “detox” diets, your digestive tract needs water to flush your system of waste and toxins properly. The brain needs water to function correctly. Being dehydrated can lead to bad moods, tiredness and low energy. Additionally, it helps your skin and fights visible signs of aging. And, of course, we’ve all heard that it will aid us to lose weight. But how does it help?
There isn’t really a simple answer to that. A study showed that drinking 17 ounces of water can make you burn two to three percent more calories than you usually would in the hour and a half after drinking. Another study saw that people burned 24-30 percent in the first 10 minutes.
And, drinking ice cold water may be beneficial as your body will burn calories to bring it up to body temperature. Although, that idea is disputed among researchers. Many argue that the amount of energy needed to heat just one glass of water isn’t enough to make any substantive impact. But, ice water is, according to most people, more pleasant than room temperature water, so it’s nice to think there may be a benefit from a refreshing drink. Being dehydrated makes it harder for the body to break down fat and carbs, so getting an adequate amount of water can keep your metabolism chugging along.
Logically speaking, as water helps waste leave your system, you may lose weight if you were constipated. And, water fills you up and therefore may help you cut calories without even trying. If your stomach already has water in it, you feel fuller with less food. Additional way water can help you lose weight is when you use it to replace a sugary drink. When you trade water for soda, you save yourself an awful lot of sugar and calories. And, if water is boring to you, you can infuse fruit into it, giving the drink a flavor without all the added sugar.
As you can see, there are many things that water aids. A combination of these factors leads to weight loss. There is no one simple reason why water supports health and your waistline. And there isn’t, despite what you may have heard, a universal amount of water you should drink. A vague guideline is around 34-67 ounces (four to eight cups). But that is a very general guide. Many factors impact how hydrated you are. In hot weather, when you sweat, or during a workout, you need more water than on a chilly day when you aren’t exercising. Your size, age and health status also impact how much water you need. A good guide is the color of your urine; if it’s dark, you may need to drink more. There’s a neat water calculator that can tell you how much water you should drink.

The important thing is that you feel comfortable. In this hot weather, be sure to drink enough water to stay healthy and happy!
August 28, 2019
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