Eating Avocados in the Time of COVID-19

As Californians, we get made fun of for how much we like avocados. While the stereotypes aren’t entirely true, there are times when we cut them open, pour some homemade vinaigrette into it and eat it with a spoon. However, we will point out that, if they were all as cheap as they are in our supermarkets, people all over the country would do the same. They are frequently sold as two for two dollars. You cannot get any better than that!

The creamy flesh has a delicious texture and lends itself easily to other flavors. They are filled with healthy fats, fiber proteins and help keep you full and your blood sugar levels stable. Studies have compared the blood sugar levels of people who had avocado on their sandwiches vs. people who didn’t. The avocado eaters experienced far fewer blood sugar spikes.

Yes, they are high-calorie foods, but they are jam-packed with vitamins and essential minerals, and they are very substantial, leaving you less hungry than many other foods. Because they are so satiating, researchers found that people who ate avocados were more likely to lose weight. Avocados contain appetite-suppressant hormones naturally.  

Additionally, avocados boost the immune system, have more potassium than bananas, lower cholesterol and help eye health. There are so many reasons to enjoy avocados. That’s why we always say that, if they are on sale, you should grab them. They do go from ripe to rotten quickly, you can use them in so many ways (you can even make them into desserts.) But, we will say that, despite what people say, we’ve never found a way to freeze avocados well. They always, in our experience, go mushy. Maybe we’re doing it wrong, but other people have had the same results.

However, right now, we’ve been avoiding avocados. Avocado growers are considered essential workers. They have been following careful food safety guidelines. We’re sure they are doing their very best to get them to the store safely. The problem is that avocados must be selected by touch. You have to feel them to know if they are ripe. Any avocado you pick up has probably been touched other people looking for one that is the exact level of ripeness they want. Even if you carefully wash them, your hands may come into contact with the virus and be transferred to your face before washing them. You can look at most things in the store and pick the one you want before touching it. Even most produce can be chosen by sight.

While we enjoy avocados for their flavor, texture, health benefits and the way they fill us up, we are currently giving them a miss. If you see them on sale and can’t resist them, be sure to wash them thoroughly when you get home. For now, our team will be enjoying other fruits and vegetables.
June 29, 2020
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