Embrace How Different the Holidays Are

There’s the old expression, “the only way out is through.” This year, we’re all living by it. Hanukkah has begun, Christmas is coming up. The holidays are here, and they are nothing like they usually are. It’s natural to feel disappointed. Instead of focusing on what we’re missing this year, today, we’re suggesting ways to find the bright spots.

There have been articles about people who are thrilled to skip the holidays. They’ve mostly been about younger people who are pleased to miss family pressure. It’s true; the holidays do put many of us under a lot more strain than usual. It is nice to breathe out and not have to handle extra guests, hosting or being a guest and traveling. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t miss it! You can find highlights: you will probably save money, either in the form of hostess gifts you don’t have to buy, gas your car won’t be using or guests you won’t have to feed. They will also be more restful than usual.

You can also find ways to still have your traditions just in new ways. The internet helps in a lot of ways. People have been taking online holiday cooking classes as families. One of our team members jumped on a family Zoom call earlier in the week to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol. Their family has watched the film every year since it was released on VHS in 1994! Even though they weren’t together, they all sang along with the songs. People cried over Tiny Tim’s death and were also made fun of for crying because it’s just a Muppet. If you aren’t comfortable with Zoom, or FaceTime you can still email recipes or pick a night to do an activity and talk afterward. Even if you don’t get a chance to speak about it, coordinating when you’ll be doing something, like listening to a religious service on the radio or online, can be special.

Additionally, accept that there are some things you will inevitably skip this year. There are some traditions you perhaps can’t do apart, like a speed gift wrapping competition. If you can’t find a way to do something, instead of being sad, just accept it instead of dwelling. And, instead, try something new. If you’re always too busy with guests to enjoy a double feature Christmas movie marathon, get cozy and make a night of it with some favorites in your PJs! Or, try a holiday craft. You don’t need to make a masterpiece to have fun. Someone told us they did a Pinterest Christmas craft instead of caroling. She had a great time! We asked if she was going to display it. She laughed and said, “It was a monstrosity that went right in the garbage, but it was fun for a Saturday afternoon.”

While commercials tell us that every holiday season has to be perfect and “the one to remember,” let this one be low-key and just happen. Enjoy the holidays, but take the pressure off yourself to make them the happiest time of the year. Instead, try to make them a happy time of the year, find fun activities and ways to make the special days, but don’t stress yourself out when it isn’t perfect.

Our team wishes all of our customers a happy and healthy Hanukkah! We hope that everyone has a holiday season filled with fun and laughter. Like the rest of 2020, it won’t be a typical year, but you can have a great time in a new way with a little work!    

Banner image: Kaboompics.com via Pexels
December 11, 2020
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