Feel Hygge in Warm Weather, without Spending Money

Hygge is a Danish concept of coziness. The definition is actually “A quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” In recent years it has become all the rage. Modern, busy lives make us look for emotional comfort, and trying new trends can be a great way to find things that work for you.

The spread of the concept can actually be uncomfortable for Scandinavian people because it has become commercialized. Companies are selling blankets, socks, candles and more as hygge essentials. The fact of the matter is, you don’t need tools to feel comfy. Hygge can come from human interaction and happy activities instead of expensive blankets.

It might seem odd to discuss the idea of coziness when the weather is heating up. Some parts of the country are hot, others are on the precipice of warm weather. But there are ways to feel connected to community and contentment without warm socks and a fire or space heater.

For instance, eating outside can be a calming and happy experience. Right now, we’re being told to stay inside and away from people. But if you have a yard, or even a back doorstep, you can get outside and see the world around you, which can bring you a sense of inner well-being. Make it special. Leave the paper plates in the kitchen and eat off real dishes and drink out of actual glasses. It can make simply eating outside an event instead of just a meal outside of the kitchen.

Connect with friends, even from a distance. We can be together apart. Technology makes it easy to chat and spend time together. A significant aspect of hygge is companionship. That can be hard right now. If you are looking for a way to connect, try letter writing. An email or phone call can be a fast exchange, sitting down to write a real letter takes some thought. And it takes away the immediacy of a conversation. On the phone, you might tell someone about your day. But, in a letter that will take several days to arrive, you might find yourself talking more about feelings, reflecting on this odd situation we’re all in. It can strengthen your relationships to connect in an old fashioned way and help you think about your friend in a different way.

Also, pick some flowers or order some. Fresh flowers can make your house smell wonderful and bring the season into your home. We’re missing much of the spring color while cooped up. And, if we can’t go out into nature, nature will have to come inside to us. There is something peaceful about flowers if they come from your own yard, the supermarket or a florist. If you have something blooming beautifully, consider cutting a bunch and dropping them off at a neighbor’s door. We might not be able to spend time together physically, but we can show people we are thinking of them.  

Many lifestyle blogs will say that hygge means redecorating your home with calming knickknacks. But none of us are going shopping, and many of us can’t afford to redecorate. Instead, consider switching over to your summer bed sheets and enjoying what you have. Simply appreciating the life you have and really looking around can give you the hygge feeling without spending money!
May 01, 2020
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