Four Chickpea Recipes – That Aren’t Hummus!

Today, we have a guest blog by Erin Roberts. We hope you enjoy her recipe suggestions as much as we do!

In March, we featured four delicious and healthy vegetarian options for a Mediterranean diet. Just to recap, the Mediterranean diet provides some guidelines for your food intake that ensures that you get tons of healthy fat and protein but absorb much less processed carbs. Unlike other strict diets, it gives you the freedom to make healthy choices without feeling like you’re missing out.

In this entry, we plan to explore one amazing ingredient that stars in Mediterranean cuisine but often goes unappreciated everywhere else: chickpeas. Chickpeas have a long list of health benefits, including being high in fiber and protein, which helps regulate blood sugar levels. In fact, Botanical-Online claims that they are more advisable for people with blood sugar concerns than rice or pasta because of their high nutritional content. Plus, they’re an extremely versatile ingredient and can be used in numerous recipes — besides hummus. If you’re willing to give chickpeas a try, here are four of our favorite recipes for all-day dining!

Roasted and Spiced Chickpeas

For those constant snack cravings, we suggest this five-minute recipe. With a tasty blend of ground cinnamon, cumin, chili powder and salt, this high-fiber option will be your next guilty pleasure. This recipe makes ten servings, so it’s also a great option to serve at your next gathering. Get the recipe

Chickpea Pancakes with Kale and Fennel

Who says pancakes are just for breakfast? This savory pancake for two by Bon Appetit can be made with just four ingredients and is topped with a kale-fennel salad, dressed with a light sesame sauce. Feel free to add an egg for an added boost of protein when you need it, and experiment with different spices like garlic salt if you’re feeling extra adventurous! Get the recipe.

Quick-Roast Chicken with Tomatoes, Chickpeas and Tarragon

Roasting chicken for dinner doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming. This basic recipe by Olive Magazine involves combining some onions, tomatoes and chickpeas to skinless chicken breasts and baking the mixture in the oven for about half an hour. Just put tarragon and lemon on top for some added jazz, and you’re all done. Get the recipe.

Warm Chickpea and Cumin Wraps with Yogurt Dip

Perfect for those always on the go, this vegetarian recipe (also by Olive) is completely guilt-free and easy to make. It’s as simple as mixing together some cumin seeds, crushed chili, tomatoes and chickpeas, cooking it for a couple of minutes and sprinkling it with a hint of lime. To cool it down, dip your wrap in a delectable yogurt and coriander sauce. Get the recipe.

By providing you with these quick and easy chickpea recipes, we hope that we’ve made it easier to help manage your health and diet. Illnesses are on the rise, Maryville Univ. reports that by 2025, nearly half of the population will be affected by chronic illnesses. With this in mind, whether you’re aiming for a healthier lifestyle or managing cholesterol or blood sugar concerns, watching your diet and enriching it with foods like chickpeas are key.

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December 03, 2019
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