Four Ground Beef Recipes with Five or Fewer Ingredients

We’re all feeling drained from the lockdowns. We’re anxious to reclaim our normal lives. But we want to be safe. We’re staying inside and out of the stores. It’s strange that life can be both stressful and monotonous. All the stress is taking a toll, and many, many Americans are feeling tired. This leads to people eating more snacks than meals. We want people to enjoy low carb meals to help stay healthy. Meals help you maintain normal blood sugar. So we are looking at easy recipes made with things in your kitchen. These low effort meals won’t leave you feeling drained.

Many of us have ground beef in our freezer. We buy it on sale and then freeze it to enjoy when it gets expensive again. We’re avoiding the stores as much as possible. Long lines form to get in, then you have to do your best to stay away from people and the shelves are empty. Instead, we’re cooking with what’s at home. We’ve been going through our pantries, and now we’re pulling the ground beef out for recipes with no more than five ingredients. Hopefully, you already have the foods to make these recipes today!

Three-Ingredient Meatballs

Image: My Productive Backyard

These meatballs are so easy. The recipe is cooked in a crockpot, which is excellent on chillier spring days, or you can cook them in a pan if you don’t want heat in your kitchen all day. The recipe doesn’t call for any seasoning. We disagree and use pepper. They are very versatile meatballs. You can add whatever seasoning you want to make them more Italian or throw in a little soy and ginger if you want something Asian. Because they are plain as a base ingredient, you can serve them with any sauce and enjoy them with veggie pasta or just on their own with a dip. A serving has 139 calories and only one gram of carbs. Get the recipe.

Five-Ingredient Cheeseburger Frittata

Image: Snacking In Sneakers

It’s rare to see ground beef in at breakfast. This frittata brings ground beef to your breakfast table to help you start the day with a protein-rich, delicious meal. We really like that the canned green chiles give it a little kick, but most people in our office would suggest eating it with hot sauce for a little extra pop. This is another meal where the recipe doesn’t call for seasoning. Though the cheese can add enough salt, you need a little pepper. A serving is 250 calories and has two grams of carbs. Get the recipe

Bunless Burger with Onions

Image: Low Carb Maven

Our team all enjoys onions. And, thankfully, they have a really long shelf life meaning that the ones we bought several weeks ago on a trip to the store are still good. This burger is simple but tasty. We often go for burgers that are just seasoned with salt and pepper. But, these are more flavorful, which can be useful if your meat has been in the freezer for a long time. We make these in a pan. But, if you have a yard that lets you socially distance yourself from your neighbors, now is an excellent time to get outside to cook in the warmer areas of the country. A burger — with grilled onions and without a bun — is 479 calories and two grams of carbs. Get the recipe.

Taco Casserole

Image: Joy Filled Eats

We like that this meal uses just one casserole dish despite needing separate cooking steps. Eating every meal at home has created more dirty dishes. Usually, when we’re out at work or running errands, we stick to no-cook meals. Now, we’re at home and cooking more. We’re tired of scrubbing pans — although that’s good exercise! This five-ingredient meal is so tasty. It calls for cottage cheese, but you can use ricotta, egg whites or yogurt. Whatever you have on hand works! As it is written, a serving has 367 calories and six grams of carbs. Get the recipe

We hope these tasty and easy recipes get you into the kitchen. Our team has been having their fair share of “meals” of raw veggies, cheese cubes and a handful of nuts, and these are inspiring us to cook more too. One of our team members has found the best way she can eat a nutritious meal nightly is batch cooking. This week she’s eating the soup she made on Sunday, last week it was meat sauce that she paired with everything. That way, when dinner time came around, she didn’t have to “work for it.” We’re interested in the ways people are keeping up their spirits and how they are eating well. To tell us how you are staying healthy and well-fed, email us at

April 28, 2020
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