Four Low-Carb Bread Recipes to Enjoy!

We love bread. We’ve talked about sandwiches before. The carbs in bread frequently make them forbidden fruit for those of us with blood sugar concerns. Not too long ago, we TRUEed a Tuesday recipe blog about breadless sandwiches. But sometimes you crave bread, and that’s fine! You just have to pick the right bread. Here are four recipes to help you enjoy your sandwich — or snack — when the urge hits you!

Keto Buns

Image: Diet Doctor

These buns don’t need any sandwich filling to please you! Smear a little butter on the bun when it’s just out of the oven, and you’ll be thrilled with the result. Of course, you can make them into sandwiches, but the size of the bun would make it akin to a large slider. Each bun has 170 calories and two grams of carbs. Get the recipe.

Oopsie Rolls

Image: Healthy Recipes Blog

These flourless rolls are fluffy and versatile as their light flavor means they can be used for sandwiches or they can be filled with sweet centers! They also work as hotdog rolls. The recipe yields six light rolls. They don’t rise much, so you have to be careful while cutting them, but it’s worth it! With less than 92 calories and under a gram of carbs, these are sure to be a hit in your house! Get the recipe.

Low-Carb Sub Bread

Image: Maria Mind Body Health

Call them hoagies, grinders, heroes, subs or any other name, oblong rolls filled with meat, cheese or any tasty savories are one of America’s favorite types of sandwich. This sub bread is higher in both calories and carbs than any of the other breads we are presenting. However, with the popularity and prevalence of subs, it seemed a disservice not to feature a recipe here. Interestingly, this sub can be baked hyes34from either almond or coconut flour. The almond version is higher in calories and fat, which is a negative. But, it’s also lower in carbs and higher in protein, so you have a decision to make. Compare the nutrition and pick your recipe!

Cauliflower Bagels

Image: Clean&Delicious

If you were to guess that these bagels were made from, you would go through every alternative flour on the market before finding out that cauliflower is the base ingredient! The texture is different, but they are sliced easily and hold up well as sandwich bread. We love the everything bagel spice recipe posted with the bagel. Each bagel has only 43 calories and 3.5 grams of carbs! Get the recipe.

We hope you enjoy these bread recipes. Let us know what you think! Drop us a line at

May 07, 2019
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