Four Marvelous Recipes for Mussels

We always prefer to eat what’s in season. It’s good for the environment, and it helps us keep a lot of verity in our foods. Having our staples change throughout the year can make us eat a ton of different healthy foods!
Right now, mussels are in season. We love shellfish, and they can help your health, including blood sugar! So, here are four tasty recipes to get you into mussels if they aren’t already in your rotation. They are loaded with B12 to aid mood and brain health. They are high in protein, low in calories and contain iodine, magnesium, selenium and zinc. Like many shellfishes, they can lower blood sugar. If you are looking for more animal protein in your life without adding extra calories, you can swap mussels for beef — a serving of mussels has half the calories of beef!

Chilli Mussels


If you are interested in spice during cold weather, seasoned with chiles, garlic and cilantro, this recipe packs a bit of heat that is deliciously warming! It’s so simple and, as with any recipe where you’re steaming mussels, it’s best to discard the ones that don’t open. They may have spoiled. Some people risk it and eat them anyway, but we say better safe than sorry! A serving has 161 calories and five grams of carbs. Get the recipe

Cioppino Seafood Stew


If you are looking for hearty Italian flavors to keep you warm and have a stick to your ribs meal, this stew may be your speed! It’s not as straightforward as the last recipe, but it is so worth it for this soup. Be sure that the tomato sauce you use doesn’t have ant added sugar; it can significantly alter the carbs if you accidentally use a sugar-heavy sauce. A bowl of the soup is 188 calories and has eight carbs. Get the recipe.

Mussel “Pasta” with Cream and Garlic


We love vegetable pasta, allowing us to have pasta meals without the carbs. We also love indulgent cream sauces, especially when it’s chilly out and we want to be cozy and warm inside. The calorie count is a little higher on this meal. A serving is 418 calories, and it has 11 grams of carbs, but we think that it’s worth it! Get the recipe.

Mussel Chowder


Finally, we come to a tasty chowder recipe. As far as we are concerned, chowder is king of seafood soups. Some people disagree, but we love it. What we don’t like is the high carb content of many chowders. This lighter version is also way faster than many traditional recipes. It’s not low in calories, and it’s not something we eat every day, but around the holidays, you may feel okay doing so as long as you plan ahead. A bowl has 698 calories and 12 grams of carbs. Get the recipe.
We hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do! Stay warm as the days get shorter and shorter, and the weather colder and colder!

December 10, 2019
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