Grapes May Help Blood Sugar, Weight Loss

Last week, we wrote about an amazing breakthrough. Research has discovered how plants store sugar in different places, which is key to making new “diet” fruits that would taste sweet but have less sugar. That designer fruit is only theoretical so far. In the here and now, we have to enjoy the fruit we have in moderation.

We are always looking for fruit with high amounts of fiber to enjoy that doesn’t spike blood sugar. Even though fruit has a lot of natural sugar, high amounts of fiber can help your body keep your blood sugar regular. Because fruit is so nutritious, it’s important not to swear off the whole food group in the name of stable blood sugar! Some fruit is significantly better than others. Today, we are taking a closer look at grapes.

Grapes have a GI of 53. As you eat the skin, you get a lot of fiber. With a GI of 53, grapes wouldn’t be considered a “free” food. They aren’t something to graze on all day. But they are certainly something you should enjoy as a regular part of your diet!

They are a good source of vitamin B-6 that supports your brain health and mood hormones. Studies have shown that people who eat grapes or take grape supplements do markedly better on tests that measure memory, attention and mood! In animal studies, they have protected against Alzheimer’s disease, but that’s not been shown to be true in people.

In studies, grapes have been found to lower people’s blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity. They are a good source of resveratrol, increasing the number of glucose receptors on cells, making the body use more sugar it comes into contact with.

Grapes may also help you lose weight. According to research published in the Harvard Health Letter, black grapes have the highest resveratrol levels, which can aid weight loss. A study found that resveratrol promotes the body’s production of healthy fat. On the other hand, red grapes have ellagic acid that burns unhealthy fat and prevents the growth of new fat cells.  

Something that must be noted about grapes is that they contain 28 percent of your daily vitamin K. Vitamin K promotes bone health. It also promotes blood clotting. If you are on medication for blood thinning or have concerns about clots, you should speak to your doctor before adding more grapes to your diet.

Nothing is a “miracle food.” But we do love grapes! This portable fruit is deliciously sweet while being gentle on blood sugar. They are a good source of nutrients and fiber and may aid in weight loss. Enjoy them today!  

Banner image: Polina Kovaleva via Pexels
March 01, 2021
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