Health Myth: You’re Healthy Without Exercise

There is a strangely persistent myth that never seems to go away: “I don’t have to exercise to be healthy.” Medical professionals have pushed against this myth for a long time. On average, a healthy person needs 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, meaning walking, swimming or mowing grass. However, because of health problems, fatigue or busy schedules. Many of us don’t find that possible. Even getting some small amount of exercise is better than none. Moreover, diets that claim you can lose weight and be healthy without getting a workout can lead to a person losing muscle instead of fat. Not using your muscles weakens them.

Diet and exercise both have important impacts on the body. While exercise most likely won’t make you lose weight, it builds muscle, aids flexibility and can help manage disease. It can even lower the risk of dying from some diseases by up to 50 percent! It aids both physical and mental health, elevating mood.

Diets that boast about not needing exercise will them tell you to walk everywhere at a fast pace and always take the stairs. So, while they claim it’s a no-exercise regimen, they require you to exercise to stay healthy, just in a subtle way. Some advice, like fidgeting while sitting, is actually useful. Other suggestions, like climbing a tree as an "alternative" to a workout, are more absurd than helpful. Some advice that may seem silly at first can be good ideas, like using a Wii Fit or a Kinect to play games with physical interaction. Video games of that nature can be gentle exercise that feels like it has more of a purpose.

The thing is, even for those of us with mobility or health concerns, exercise is achievable. Aerobic classes, running or even walking long distances might not be something our bodies are capable of doing. But there is still gentle stretching, pool exercise that takes the weight off your joints or sitting exercises for people with mobility problems. The myth of health without workouts will most likely linger. But, while exercise might not be essential for weight loss, its other health benefits are enormous. And, diets claiming you don’t need any physical activity to be healthy aren’t as truthful as you might think!
July 17, 2019
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