Honey May Be Better for Colds than Drugs

Neuliven Health is a nutritional supplement company. So, it probably comes as no surprise to anyone that we are pleased when research shows natural products can help treat problems effectively. We always listen to our doctor’s advice and treat our health concerns with scientifically backed methods. But, a new study shows that nature can provide the best cure!

A review of the findings from 14 different studies has shown that honey may be better than medications for treating colds. Because the information came from so many studies, they had patient data from over 1,700 people.

Honey has antibacterial components. But colds are viral. In fact, colds are related to COVID-19. However, honey has other antimicrobial properties that could, possibly, be fighting the virus, but that hasn’t been proven.

Honey also has a palliative effect on coughs, sore throats, congestion and more. Moreover, honey’s physical quality could be beneficial, its thickness may be coating the throat and easing irritation. Another theory is that its sweet flavor might have something to do with its helpfulness. The part of the brain that tells you to cough and the one that senses sweetness are close together, and their nerves may be linked. The scientists think that it’s possible that the brain focuses on the flavor and forgets to cough.

What is apparent is that, unlike other methods for treating cold symptoms, honey has no side effects. You won’t be left feeling groggy or loopy. The researchers point out that few products on the market can help colds, so honey is an option. “There are currently very few effective options that clinicians can prescribe for upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) … Other medications for URTIs are ineffective and can have harmful side effects.”

By combining the research, scientists saw a pattern that showed honey shortened the duration of symptoms by two days. Honey also lowered cough severity and frequency more than most treatments. The scientists said that their finds need to be backed up with a study looking at this question specifically instead of using other studies’ incidental finds. That way, they can be sure that they can control all the other contributing factors. Some of the research they were looking at had been funded by the honey industry, making them hesitant to trust it completely. While research can be impartial when funded by the industry it’s about, some people always doubt it.

When you use honey (or any other food product) to aid your health, be sure to read the label. It’s horrifying to realize how many products try to pass themselves off as other foods. Many jars of “honey” on the market are made of corn or other sweeteners instead of just honey. Those imitation products won’t have the same health benefits.

When you are ill, your first move should be to speak to your doctor. But adding honey to hot water with lemon, or a cup of tea may help you feel better. If you have blood sugar concerns, be sure to consider how you want to fit the sugar into your day as honey is high in carbohydrates!
August 27, 2020
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