How to Spot the Best Low-Carb Ice Creams

We get asked for recommendations frequently. We love trying new things and sharing what we know. That’s why we have this blog in the first place! But sometimes a topic can be tricky. For instance, we were asked about the best low-carb ice creams.

It is so hot outside. We all want to cool off. Many folks with blood sugar concerns have to avoid traditional store-bought cold treats. They can wreak havoc on blood sugar levels! But that doesn’t mean you have to skip ice cream! The popularity of keto and other low-carb diets means that there are now many choices on the market. The problem is that it can be hard to tell the difference between the hype and the good stuff.  

There are so many different low-carb ice creams on the market. What is available varies from region to region. One person on our team grew up on the East Coast and was surprised to find Turkey Hill Ice Cream is not ubiquitous in Southern California. Even big-name brands aren’t evenly distributed.

Our biggest tip for picking the best low-carb ice cream is the same as everything else: read the label. Even the best brands can vary a lot from flavor to flavor. Usually, our go-to is Halo Top — that’s the brand we would always recommend — but the flavors and variations make a big difference in the calories and carb-count. We like Halo Top because it’s usually lower in both carbs and calories. It’s less expensive than its competitors, and it’s widely available — it’s at Walmart.  

Many brands, you have to head to someplace like Whole Foods. Whole Foods is expensive, and not every area has one. But, we all have access to Walmart, Target or a regular supermarket that probably sells Halo Top, which is why we like this national-distributed brand. We cannot guarantee it will be there, but it’s the most widely available brand on this list.

Another that we like is the So Delicious brand. Despite being non-dairy, it is surprisingly creamy. Most of their flavors are pretty high in fiber. But, it’s another brand where reading the label is a must because the flavors can be quite different as far as fat and carbs go. Rebel Creamery is excellent, but their flavors are high in fat, and a pint is usually expensive.

We generally steer clear of both Enlightened and Arctic Zero brand ice creams, most of their “keto” ice creams are high in sugars. If you really plan ahead, you might be able to make room for them in your day, but these are not sweet treats you can enjoy without much thought. We’re not sure how they make it onto most lists of low-carb ice creams. Some of their flavors are great, but many are high in carbs, so we don’t even reach for them in the store.  

Other regionally available options are excellent! We just don’t know about them. Take some time in your frozen aisle. It’s amazing what you’ll see. The market has really come a long way in the last few years. Just be wary of a lot of the “healthy” option. There are beautifully packaged options like Talenti. When something looks as good as that, it must be healthy, right? But their flavors generally pack around 30 grams of carbs per serving!

Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll enjoy sweet treats this summer and just think about enjoying the sunshine without worrying about your blood sugar!
July 31, 2020
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