How to Stay Healthy During Air Travel

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Being stuck in a plane, you can be exposed to an awful lot of germs from strangers and surfaces you wouldn’t come in contact with in your daily life. “I picked up a bug on the plane” is an unfortunately common sentence. But, as families spread out more and more over the years, flights can be unavoidable. Today, we are looking at some of the best ways to avoid getting sick when traveling over the holidays.

One study showed that you are 113 percent more likely to catch a cold on a plane. Getting a good night’s sleep beforehand can boost your immune system. And, be sure to take all your regular vitamins before getting on the plane. Don’t skip any of your usual health routines. Being as healthy as possible before the flight can protect you while you’re flying.

One of the main factors is that the air in a plane is very dry. Your body’s first defense against a cold is mucus. Few of us like having a runny nose. However, it can protect you against infections. Low humidity can dry out your throat and leave you more susceptible to sickness.  However, water on planes is unsafe, only three out of 11 of the most popular airlines were found to have unsafe drinking water. Alaska and Allegiant Airlines were the safest, Spirit and JetBlue were the worst. Coffee, tea and even washing your hands can put you at risk for illness. Asking for sealed bottled water is your safest bet for a drink, hand wipes and hand sanitizer are better than using the sink in the lavatory. You can see just how poorly the airline you’re using ranked here. Nose sprays are also an excellent way to keep yourself moist and protected while in the air.

Be sure to stay warm on the plane. Using the air jets above you can help you keep germs off your face. Despite popular belief, filtered air on planes is safe. While many think the recirculated air is the problem, it’s more about your seat neighbor, using that air to ensure germs don’t cling to your skin is a great way to protect yourself.

You’re also want to wipe down the plastic of your seat and your tray table thoroughly with antibacterial wipes. Last week, we wrote about the fact that antibacterial wipes aren’t suitable for your hands unless they are intended for the purpose, and they aren’t good for cleaning large surfaces. However, they are great for cleaning smaller areas, like armrests, seatbelt buckles and the tray table. Just be sure to use separate wipes as using the same one for all the surfaces can spread germs from one spot to another. Another place where germs are on every surface is the bathroom. The bathroom on a plane is a Petri dish. If possible, avoid using it by going to the airport plane before boarding. You use do need to use the facilities while in flight, don’t touch anything without a paper towel. Another place to avoid touching is the seatback pocket. One study found that the dangerous germ MRSA can survive on the pocket for seven days, and that mesh isn’t as easily cleaned as an armrest!   

Finally, try to get some sleep on the plane. Being well-rested can protect your immune system, on or off the plane. So, try to get some shuteye, relax, stay hydrated and keep clean. Hopefully, these tips will help you travel safely and healthily throughout the holidays!
December 13, 2019
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