Is Chia Seed Water Worth the Hype?

It’s January, the time of resolutions and trying new things. We love this time of year. We love the “get up and go” spirit in the air. It’s so wonderful to hear about people’s goals and their plans for 2020. We want the decade to be the roaring ’20s — a time of exuberance and change. Specifically, we are hoping for a decade of change in health and wellbeing.
A lot of people try out the latest superfoods at this time of year. We’re not against that. We love trying new things too! And when we find something we like, we’re thrilled to make exciting, healthy changes in our diet. Finding ways to incorporate healthy change into our daily lives gives us a thrill. Because we’re known health enthusiasts, people tell us about the things they’re trying a lot.

One thing people seem to be enthusiastic about this new year is chia seed water. It’s not a new fad, it’s been around for a couple of years, gaining some popularity in 2018. But, with its growing reputation, we wanted to take a closer look at this “health” drink and find out what weight there is behind its claims.
We like chia seeds. They can aid mood, help blood sugar and make you feel full- assisting weight loss. They expand in your body, keeping you fuller, longer. But, for that reason, eating large amounts can lead to constipation, making us slightly hesitant about drinking them. However, people claim that drinking the seeds helps them stay regular.
To drink chia seed water, you add one teaspoon of seeds to a glass of water, wait at least half an hour, strain the liquid and enjoy the seeds, now plumped with water. It’s sort of like drinking boba tea with smaller “bubbles.” You can flavor it with anything from lemon juice, a little sweetener or even black pepper.
The seeds retain all their benefits, so the drink has all the same perks and drawbacks as consuming the seeds in other ways. The “detox” claims are as fishy as all other “detox” drinks. Doctors have referred to cleanses and detoxes as “bologna.” Chia is a nutrient-dense food — it is not a quick fix to perfect health.
Some people love the texture, others aren’t as enamored. The people in our office who have tried the drink were split. By and large, we like having as an overnight pudding more than as a drink. There is something weird about drinking something lumpy. Others on the team compared it to drinking other health beverages and said that they preferred things like cucumber and other fruit-infused waters. They are all ways to stay hydrated and boost health.
The bottom line is that chia is a great seed with multiple healthy properties. We recommend speaking to your doctor and incorporating it into your diet. Whether or not you eat it in salads, snack mixes, in pudding or as a drink is up to you! Some of the folks in our office were excited to find something they enjoy, others were unenthused. You won’t know until you try it yourself!
We would love to hear about your New Year’s Resolutions! What hobbies are you taking up, changes are you making or habits are you looking to form? Let us know by emailing us at!
January 06, 2020
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