Is Ham Healthy?

The CDC has advised against traveling for the holidays. Most disease experts are planning on staying home and have suggested the rest of us do so as well. Doctors, nurses and medical organizations wrote an open letter urging us all to celebrate safely.

The letter said, “With Thanksgiving and the holiday season fast approaching and a deadly Covid-19 pandemic surging, we — the physicians, nurses, hospital and health system leaders and public health professionals on the front lines of this pandemic — strongly urge everyone throughout our country to celebrate responsibly, in a scaled-back fashion that limits the virus’s spread, to help reduce the risk of infecting friends, family and others you love.”

Many listened and thought it over. And so, a lot of Americans are planning a low-key Thanksgiving this year. It’s hard not to be together. But keeping it small and separate this year means being able to celebrate together again in future years. For people with medical concerns, COVID-19 is very dangerous. Many people are asymptomatic, which means that someone seemingly healthy could attend your Thanksgiving celebration and infect someone more fragile. You never know how careful the other people are.

For many of us, one significant change this year will be the menu. If we’re celebrating with just the members of our immediate family, the 22-pound turkey isn’t needed! Some people who are still celebrating with extra guests are moving it outdoors! If you stay six feet apart and wear masks as much as possible, that is relatively low risk. One person on our team is doing that with her brother, whom she doesn’t live with: turkey burgers on the barbecue and a fire pit for warmth! They can stay socially distanced but not be all by themselves.

Another option if you are celebrating with just your small family is a smaller ham instead of a turkey. Ham is an excellent option as you can get one that is far smaller to fit your needs and might not be your go-to. It could be nice to try something new. You won’t feel like you’re having a sub-par Thanksgiving: you’re having a different type of celebration altogether.

Depending on the type of ham you get, it can be a very healthy option! It is much leaner than many kinds of meat. It is rich in nutrients and has all nine essential amino acids. It’s an excellent source of protein and selenium. Selenium is great for the immune system and preventing infections.

The drawback of ham is that it is a cured meat and can be incredibly high in salt. Cured meat can be high in carcinogens and nitrates. And, as little as two ounces of ham can have up to 26 percent of your daily amount of salt! It’s important when you’re picking ham to decide which type is the best for you. You can buy ham that is low in salt — and ones that are nitrate-free

Some hams may have been injected with sugar to add flavor, so be sure to know what you’re eating before you dig in! And they can be very different in nutrition. For instance, Smithfield ham can have 120 calories, 20 grams of carbs and only three percent of your daily salt. While Country ham can have 102 calories, one gram of carbs and 56 percent of your daily salt. It is possible to enjoy ham healthily, but reading the label is a must!

Thanksgiving is going to be different this year, but we hope you enjoy it! And we hope you love your meal, whatever you’re having!   

Banner image: Сергей Орловский via Unsplash
November 23, 2020
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