“March” into National Nutrition Month

We know that it’s a little silly that there is a national holiday for everything under the sun. But we like celebrating in our everyday lives! And, sometimes, the things being recognized are important. March is National Nutrition Month, and we think that’s a good thing to celebrate not just this month but all year round.

We like that this important event is in March and not earlier in the year. Most people have abandoned their New Year’s resolutions. But the great news is, it’s never the wrong time to turn over a new leaf! There are no big holidays in March this year to undo the groundwork you can set in motion to get into a healthy track.

The theme of this year’s National Nutrition Month is “Personalize Your Plate.” The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the world’s largest group of registered dietician nutritionists and dietetic technicians. They pick the theme. They are hoping people focus on eating healthy foods that fit their needs and their tastes. They encourage using #NationalNutritionMonth on social media to show how you are making changes to your diet. We know that our customers are users of social media. When you show your progress, you inspire the people in your life to make changes. Plus, people will be rooting for you!

America is a cultural melting pot, so you can’t expect everyone’s food choices to look the same,” said registered dietitian nutritionist Su-Nui Escobar, a national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “Eating is meant to be a joyful experience. As supermarkets increasingly diversify their shelves to meet the needs of their customers, it’s becoming easier to create nutritious meals that align with a variety of cultural preferences.”

When you think of eating “healthy” many of us picture bland, unappetizing meals. When you feel that way, you won’t make changes. This approach encourages people to pick the flavors and types of foods they enjoy, just in healthier combinations or new cooking styles. They hope people will reach out to nutritionists to talk about their health goals and their typical diets to discuss what they like eating to find something that will work for them. Health isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience, and neither is your dinner!

Variety is the spice of life and that’s how people should view their meals,” Escobar said. “Developing healthful eating habits does not require drastic lifestyle changes. A registered dietitian nutritionist can help you incorporate the foods you enjoy into your life.”

That is what we like to hear! We’re always talking about making small changes that add up to significant results. Huge changes and crash diets usually fail. But this really does seem like a great way toward making healthy changes. So, start working this month. By April, you may have learned some new cooking techniques or added a few ingredients to your pantry that will boost your nutrition without totally overhauling your regular menu!

Banner image: Jimmy Dean via Unsplash
March 08, 2021
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