Mushrooms Aid Blood Sugar

Variety in our diet helps us stay healthy. But, sometimes, many of us are worried about branching out because of blood sugar concerns. We fret that a food we don’t usually eat may cause our blood sugar to spike. One vegetable many people don’t eat daily is the mushroom, and we wanted to take a look at the blood sugar benefits offered to us by the fungi.
There are literally hundreds of types of mushrooms. Some can be dangerous to health. While mushrooms may grow wild in your yard, it’s important not to eat them unless you are certain of what they are. While we like to try new things, we also like staying safe.
Regular white button mushrooms — found in any grocery store — hold health benefits. You don’t have to go exotic or expensive to enjoy the perks of eating mushrooms! Researchers from Penn State have shown how the most commonly available mushrooms have prebiotics that can help keep blood sugar stable. As they ferment in a person’s gut, they produce short-chain fatty acids in the body that lower inflammation and help use glucose more effectively. Wonderfully, the benefits were seen when people had as little as one serving a day.  
Different types of mushrooms have various benefits. White mushrooms and portobellos can aid the immune system. Porcinis are rich in potassium and can help your body produce vitamin D. Shiitakes are rich in fiber and aid cholesterol. Maitake mushrooms, also called “hen of the woods” or “dancing mushrooms,” also aid blood sugar. Some people like adding powdered maitakes to savory sauces, pastas, soups and more!
Even without buying the more exotic and expensive varieties, you can still reap the benefits! They are low calorie while being packed with healthy compounds. One cup of button mushrooms has 15 calories, two grams of protein, one gram of fiber, and two grams of carbs. They have 17 percent of your daily value of riboflavin, 13 percent of your niacin, 11 percent of your copper and 10 percent of your pantothenic acid. They also have an antioxidant called ergothioneine that can lower cancer risks.
Some people aren’t huge fans of cooked mushrooms. Everyone has different tastes. And you don’t need to start drinking mushroom tea to enjoy them! Mushrooms can be eaten raw in salads, with dip, plain as a snack or as this delicious and easy-to-make carpaccio. Find a way that you enjoy them and add them to your fridge today!
January 13, 2020
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