Pantry Staples to Help Sleep

Sleep is vital to good health. We have spoken about its importance many times. It impacts you both mentally and physically. Folks all around the country are reporting poor sleep because of worry. That’s why, today, we are looking at foods you probably have in your kitchen that can help you get a good night’s sleep.

We’re written about the efficacy of cherries in the past. But, you might not have them. Stores seem to currently have more fresh produce than frozen or canned, and you may be able to get them relatively easily, but you probably don’t already have them.

Milk and dairy products contain tryptophan that helps sleep. The old wives’ tale is based on truth! Warm, or cold, it can help you nod off more quickly. Herbal teas (with or without milk) can also be a boon for sleep. If you have some tea bags lying around, they can be an excellent sleep aid. They are also easily obtainable from the internet because they have a long shelf life. We generally have some tea bags because they have uses in cooking, and iced tea is great in the summer. Dig into your pantry and find the ones you have leftover. Tea doesn’t really expire. Dates on boxes are for “best by” purposes. You might have to steep it longer, but if the tea has been sitting dry in your cupboard, it’s safe to consume.

Nuts, especially almonds, are helpful for sleep. Additionally, they can aid in steady blood sugar. They are rich in tryptophan that can promote sleepiness. And another food rich in healthy fat that supports sleep is fatty fish. If you have sardines or tuna in your cupboard, having them for dinner might help you at bedtime.

Avoiding any foods high in carbs can help you avoid sugar spikes and help you fall asleep faster. And foods like beans and lentils, rich in magnesium, can promote healthy sleep. Many people stocked up on beans and dried lentils to see them through any possible lock-down. Dinner is a great time to enjoy them if you have been restless at night.

Another part of sleep is a calming ritual. Turn off the TV and your phone when preparing for bedtime. Not only can the blue light impact your rest, but stress and over-stimulation can also keep you up. Instead, try reading or taking a bath or shower. Another tip is a bedtime story, you’re never too old to enjoy having someone read to you. Audible has made many of their family-friendly books free to help parents with kids stuck at home. A great story like Jane Eyre or a Sherlock Holmes story might be just the calming treat that enables you to unwind and sleep better. Of course, it’s always better to listen to a story you already know when you’re trying to fall asleep. Otherwise, you may stay awake, engrossed in a new tale!

Soothing actions, coupled with a healthy diet, can have you nodding off before you know it. Relax, unwind and get some shuteye. So, avoid junk food and stress at bedtime. Turn off the TV in favor of a good book, reach for nuts, a glass of milk or one of these healthy options to help you unwind and ease yourself into the night. You’ll thank yourself in the morning!
April 06, 2020
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