Precautions Needed as Country Reopens

Some parts of the country are reopening this week. Others are still in lockdown. Emotions are ranging from elation at leaving the house to frustration at still being inside. Others are feeling worried about whether or not it’s really safe to go out. The Neuliven Health team is in the same boat. In California, we are still stuck inside and feeling stir-crazy. Because we are a national brand, we like to look at how people are doing everywhere so, today, we are looking at what reopening means for the country. Whether or not your state is open now, it will be eventually, and life is going to look a little different.

Many public health experts expect states to have to shut down again. They fear a second wave as people leave their homes. People who are asymptomatic but contagious will spread it to people around them who will then pass it off to even more people. The White House has a report saying that the death toll will almost double in the coming days, rising to 3,000 a day by June 1. If that does happen, we will undoubtedly have shelter-in-place orders being reissued.

Different states, reacting to the health threat in their area, are opening at different paces. Some states are reopening everything — including movie theaters and other high-volume venues. Others are opening some but not all stores. The states will be following the CDC’s guidance on how to operate. Movie theaters will be selling fewer tickets to cut down on crowds, surfaces will be cleaned more regularly, masks may be required. It won’t be what we think of as business as usual, but it might be the new normal.  

Many local officials are still suggesting people consider staying home. But, understand that folks need to get out. “People need to get out and use your local businesses, but you need to make sure that you’re still social distancing,” said Jasper County, Missouri, Health Department director Tony Moehr. “If you’re ill, stay at home. People are probably sick of hearing that by this time, but I mean, the bottom line is that’s the best way to keep it from spreading is to do those things to protect yourself and protect others.”

It’s frustrating to play a continual game of wait and see. One thing that Americans can agree on is that we want more guidance on what is and is not safe. We want to know our local plans. We want advice on the safest, healthiest ways to live our lives but still enjoy them. Being in a continual lockdown might be safest, but we have errands to run, faces to see, things that must be done for us to live our lives.

It can be stressful to not know what tomorrow is bringing. That’s why we advise people to listen to the guidelines, follow what your local health officials suggest and speak to your doctor about what is best for you. The way to get through this is to listen to health advice and keep our chins up!
May 06, 2020
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