See the Beauty of Arkansas

Each week we like to get outside. We are continuing our look at different walks around the country with a digital trip to Arkansas. Walking helps all aspects of health; walking somewhere gorgeous is even better. Viewing beautiful photos and imagining going on a stroll can soothe your mind. So, even if you aren’t going to Arkansas, you can still enjoy thinking about these stunning walks.

Historic Van Winkle Trail

Image: Scott Fergel,

This .8-mile loop trail is a nature walk around the historic site of the home and mill of the Van Winkle family during the Civil War in the Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area. With remnants of the buildings and informative signs, this is a lovely, gentle walk for history enthusiasts. The path is mostly paved but becomes packed gravel and is wheelchair accessible. Reviews say it’s a good place for families and a nice picnic spot. There are restrooms on site. Learn more and get directions here.

Kings River Falls Trail

Image: Dusty Orton,

Kings River Falls Trail, in the Ozark National Forest, is a beautiful hike that ends with a great view of the falls. In summer, the area beneath the falls acts as a swimming hole but does not have a lifeguard. The path is a bit rocky and, while it is a relatively easy walk, this 1.8-mile trail is not wheelchair friendly. We are in the perfect time of year for walking this out and back trail. The falls are most impressive during the wet months of mid-fall through mid-spring. Learn more about activities on the trail and get directions here.

Leatherwood Loop Trail

Image: Jerry Kwit, Wikimedia

This wheelchair accessible path is a loop around Lake Leatherwood in Eureka Springs. The lake has a dam that many who visit appreciate seeing. With beautiful views, the area allows for camping, boating and picnics. At 3.4 miles, some may view it to be quite long, but the environment is worth it, even if you only plan to sit on a bench. There are also restrooms on site making this a spot where you can spend a whole day. Read reviews and get directions here.

Glory Hole Waterfall Trail

Image: Justin Smith, Wikimedia

The Ozark National Forest is also home to this 1.8-mile out and back trail. We love this hike because it offers walkers an up close and personal view of a natural wonder. The problem is that the trail leads down to the waterfall, meaning the walk back is all up hill. Additionally, the trail has been described as a narrow, rocky path. However, for people who are sure-footed, the walk is well worth it. Seeing the waterfall is exciting for anyone interested in interesting geology. Water has worn through the stone and, instead of cascading down a rock front or over a ledge, the water falls through a circular hole. And we mean it when we say you get close: you could step into the water if you wished. Like with all waterfalls, the sight is better after rain, but that will make the ground underfoot more treacherous. Get directions to this marvel of nature here.

Those are our top four hikes in Arkansas. If you have visited, or live in, Arkansas we would love to hear your opinions. Please email us at

June 19, 2019
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