The Benefits of Greek Yogurt Are a Big Win

We talk a lot about hidden sugar, and yogurt can be a significant source of sugar — some brands hold as much as 33 grams in an eight-ounce serving. However, yogurts that aren’t loaded with sugar can have excellent health benefits and help your blood sugar.

Yogurts are rich in protein. Greek yogurts have the most, with almost double that of regular yogurt. Some contain 19 grams of protein per serving. The protein can fill you up and make you less likely to indulge in carbohydrates. Greek yogurt also has around half the carbs and half the sodium of regular yogurt. It does have three times the fat content of regular yogurt, but that might not matter to you, depending on your diet concerns. You can see an average breakdown of the nutrition stats side-by-side here.

Greek yogurt needn’t come from Greece. It is merely one term for strained yogurt. It is yogurt that has had most of the whey removed and is, therefore, thicker than regular yogurt. Unlike flavored yogurts, which are frequently eaten by themselves, plain is used as an ingredient in many recipes. Its sour taste can add depth to dishes. The sourness comes from the removal of excess water, lactose and minerals that are eliminated through straining. Despite being strained, it’s still packed with probiotics, calcium, potassium, B-12 and more.

There is a myriad of varieties and to pick from at the supermarket. And Greek yogurts can fall into the sugar trap. They can also be filled with thickeners like gelatin or pectin and have added starches or concentrate of milk or whey proteins. If you’re curious about the best-rated yogurts, look at this list that breaks down the 20 best and worst!

Yogurt is a low glycemic index food, even though it contains lactose — the naturally occurring milk sugar. A study using probiotic-heavy yogurt found that a group of test subjects saw improved glucose levels after 30 days. Different research saw that a diet with dairy products, including yogurt, aided the reduction of metabolic syndrome risk factors like unhealthy blood sugar and triglyceride levels, lowered blood pressure and improved cholesterol.

Mondays, we always aim to help you start the week with a tip for better health. So today, we urge you to try Greek yogurt if it isn’t already in your diet. The sour flavor may turn some of us off initially. However, a touch of honey, fruit or another sweetener of your choice can help you control the sugar without giving up flavor. Because of its flexibility, you can swap out mayo, sour cream or crème for yogurt! Another healthy yogurt swap you can make might surprise you: frozen yogurt genuinely is healthier than ice cream! You wouldn’t be alone in believing that frozen yogurt was nothing but clever marketing for soft serve ice cream. However, it is lighter in both sugar and calories and can (depending on the type) contain probiotics! Sadly, those toppings we all like so much aren’t healthy, so go lightly on the sauce and maybe add fruit instead.

February 11, 2019
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