There’s an “R” in the Month; It’s Time for Shrimp

We’ve all heard the rule that you don’t eat shellfish during month’s that don’t have an “r” in their name. It’s based on several reasons: the heat, red tides and spawning season. But, it’s September, and we are putting shrimp back on the menu. We love the lightness of shrimp on these hot days, and we like that they are low in carbs! Because of the weather, we had three rules for today’s recipes: there couldn’t be more than 20 minutes of heat involved, under 200 calories and fewer than five grams of carbs.

Sesame Shrimp with Cilantro-Lime Sauce


We have to admit it, part of what makes these shrimp appeal to us is how pretty they are. We also love how simple the preparation is. It takes 25 minutes in total. We don’t like that we have to turn the oven on and get that that might make this recipe something you want to hold off on until the weather cools down. These cute shrimp are served on cocktail sticks. They have 48 calories, .6 grams of carbs and 2.03 grams of protein. Get the recipe.

Spicy Fennel Shrimp


This hot dish might wake your mouth up, but your kitchen won’t be warmer. If you were to omit the red pepper flakes, you could cool down the flavor profile down It’s a Rachel Ray dish, so it’s not surprising that it’s a fast meal. The recipe only requires you to turn your stove on for five minutes. That makes it a winner in our book! A serving is 57 calories, one gram of carbs and two grams of protein. Just like the sesame shrimp, it’s portioned as an appetizer, if you want it as a main course, adjust your nutrition information accordingly. Get the recipe.

Grilled Spicy Lime Shrimp with Creamy Avocado Cilantro Sauce


“Grilled” is one of our favorite words when it comes to summer recipes. We love cooking things outside and not warming up our houses. The cool avocado sauce tempers the flavor of these skewers. You cook the skewers for two minutes on each side then you sit back and enjoy the dish. One pound of shrimp breaks down to six servings. Each serving is 81 calories, two grams of carbs, and two grams of protein. Get the recipe.

Skillet Barbecue Shrimp


The name of this dish is about the flavor of barbecue, not the process. It’s another speedy preparation to get you away from the stove and dinner onto the table. There are only six ingredients in the meal, and you’ll be sitting down to your meal almost as soon as you begin. It goes perfectly with a lightly dressed salad. A serving has 161 calories, 3.8 grams of carbs and 22.1 grams of protein. Get the recipe.

Bang Bang Shrimp


Brag Bang Shrimp is a popular appetizer from Bonefish Grill that people love because of their sweet and spicy taste. However, that love withers when they find out the calorie count. This lighter version is much easier to fit into your meal plan. While the recipe suggests cooking them on a griddle or skillet, this is an easy meal to throw on the grill. A serving has 97 calories, four grams of carbs and 16 grams of protein. Get the recipe.
We hope these shrimp dishes are a hit in your kitchen! We love hearing from you. So, if you cook any of these, let us know what you think, and you can always write to us about your favorite recipes or if you have requests! Our email address is
September 03, 2019
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