Vitamin D Supplements Can Help When You’re Stuck Inside

Vitamin D is essential for the body. It aids bone health, the immune system, prevents chronic disease and can fight depression and fatigue. One of our primary sources of vitamin D is sunlight. For many people, being outside and eating foods containing vitamin D is enough for the body to be healthy and have the correct amount of the nutrient in our system. However, with so many of us stuck indoors, we aren’t getting enough sunlight to maintain a healthy level.

Ultraviolet B rays in daylight cause the formation of vitamin D in your skin. Vitamin D is also found in fatty fish. It is added to milk, OJ, yogurt, many kinds of cereal and other foods. Because of that, from a mix of diet and walking outside, we usually have healthy levels of the vitamin. And, excess amounts of the vitamin do not add an extra boost to our health. But, right now, most of us aren’t getting enough light to be healthy.

With COVID-19 being a pandemic, countries around the world have to fight this virus. Because of this, we are getting new information from around the globe. The Association of U.K. Dieticians has put out advice that is just as useful to people in the U.S. “If you are having to self isolate or if you are unable to go outside, you should consider taking a daily supplement containing 10 micrograms to ensure a healthy vitamin D status (for adults and children over the age of one).” The U.S. guidelines usually suggest 15 micrograms. Either way, a boost is healthy.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that scientists have found that countries with high mortality rates from COVID-19 — including France, Italy and Spain — people tended to have low vitamin D levels. Not enough research has been done to tell if there is a link between vitamin D and COVID-19, but we do know its connection to the immune system. Older people and people with darker skin have a tendency to also have lower than average levels of vitamin D because their skin doesn’t produce it as efficiently.

With its mood-boosting ability and its power to aid the immune system, vitamin D might be necessary now, more than ever. While many scientists believe that supplements are not as beneficial as getting vitamin D directly from light, that might not be possible for many folks right now. It’s essential to find alternate sources. Changing your diet or taking a supplement may be beneficial for you. But you should first speak to your doctor about your best option. Your doctor knows your medical needs and can help you make your choice. You may only need to take it for the duration of the pandemic but speak to your doctor, even about short term changes. And, you can ask if it’s something you might benefit from in your regular routine as well.
April 20, 2020
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