What to Eat When You Eat Dinner Later

We have been told many times that eating dinner earlier is better. We’ve had it drummed into our heads over and over again. Research has confirmed it many times: your metabolism slows down around bedtime as your body has other things to do at night. In fact, the current research says the best time to eat dinner is 6:14.

But, we live in the real world. Dinner can’t always be at 6:14! The research says that regularly eating after 8pm can add two inches to your waistline, so eating earlier is better. We should all do our best to avoid it, to stick to healthy routines. Right now, it’s easier to stick to healthier patterns because we are in our homes so much of the time. We don’t have as many obligations. We miss our gatherings be they through our churches, local schools, clubs or community centers. But it has given us time to work on our habits.

When our real lives resume, sometimes it’s had to eat at precisely 6:14. So, what do we do when we’re eating at 7:31? What are the best foods to reach for when we miss the perfect food window? The answer, according to science, is to avoid milk and carbs. Why? It’s all about the sugar. Additionally, because of their high sugar, stay away from potato, beets carrots and pumpkin. You want to stick to green vegetables, leans meats, eggs, nuts and cheeses.

Anything that could cause your blood sugar to rise during the day should be avoided doubly in the evening according to new research. It will mess with sleep, blood sugar, and weight loss goals.

Many of us are stuck in our ways about what we think of as “dinner.” It’s usually the most substantial meal of the day. If you live alone, or if you and your spouse are retired or work from home, consider making lunch your largest meal of the day. If you prefer a later dinner, try eating lighter things, like turkey roll-ups or making keto versions of your favorite recipes. Or try “snack” dinners: plates with cheeses, veggies, meats. It’s like a cheese board minus the crackers.

While it might sound odd at first. After all, many of us were raised with a dinner that was meat, serving of vegetables and a potato dish every night! But, it’s something to consider and try. There are lots of approaches to try and experiment with to find what is right for you!
August 05, 2020
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