White House, Leaders Urge Action as COVID-19 Still Rising

COVID-19 is still rising in 27 states. We’ve been writing blogs about many topics because we don’t want to ignore our customers’ other health needs. However, the news that over half of the states are still seeing mounting COVID-19 is alarming. We know people are taking precautions. Now, the White House and state leaders are asking us to do more when possible.      
Southern states are doing a good job of containing the virus and are seeing their numbers declining. Nine states are seeing a decline in new cases. Fourteen states are holding steady and seeing new patients at the same rate as last week. But, 27 states, spread across the country, are seeing their numbers go up. North Carolina and New Mexico are suffering worst of all.
States that are faring well feel they can ease some restrictions. Florida, for instance, feels they can move to phase three. On the other hand, Wisconsin’s governor announced a public health emergency. He called for out-out-state health care reinforcements to help treat the rising number of cases. Each state is handling the pandemic according to their current needs. There might be a sliver of good news: the number of deaths fell between August and September by 6,000. The number of hospitalized patients fell by 15 percent. That might be because of the mutations that the virus has been showing.
The White House coronavirus task force has also been issuing individualized recommendations based on states. The task force also pointed out what states have done right and how that could be built upon. The White House strongly urged people to wear masks in hot spots, regardless of state mandates. Additionally, the task force called on some states to “institute mask requirements statewide.”  
Even where cases are falling, they can pick back up. Washing your hands, keeping your distance and wearing a mask helps protect you and others from catching and spreading the virus. If you are older or have underlying medical conditions, COVID-19 can be even more dangerous for you than for other people. We want everyone to be safe and healthy. You have to use your best judgment and the information you have. We urge you to look up what is happening in your area. When you turn on the news, you see the national headlines. Instead, Google your area, call your town hall or contact your local police department. They know what safety precautions are needed for your region better.
October 02, 2020
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