How Does Glucocil Work?

Created after 7 years of research and development, Glucocil is a natural supplement specifically designed to help:

  • Promote normal blood sugar levels
  • Reduce post-meal blood sugar elevations
  • Reduce absorption of sugars & other carbohydrates
  • Promote healthy insulin sensitivity & production
  • Support normal blood lipid levels
  • Promote heart, blood vessel, and circulatory health
  • Promote healthy weight loss

Support the 3 Essentials of Healthy Blood Sugar

Glucocil is formulated to support the 3 Essentials of Healthy Blood Sugar:

  1. Reduce glucose absorption in the intestines
  2. Reduce glucose production in the liver
  3. Increase glucose uptake in the cells (improve insulin sensitivity)

Achieving any one of the 3 Essentials supports healthy blood sugar. But achieving all 3 Essentials together helps keep your blood sugar levels within the normal range.

Glucocil Helps Reduce Absorption of Sugars and Other Carbohydrates

Ingesting sugar and carbohydrates elevates your glucose. The key enzyme at the end of the digesting process is called alpha glucosidase, and its job is to release glucose from the more complicated carbohydrates. But Glucocil reduces the efficiency of this carbohydrate breakdown, and most unabsorbed carbohydrates gently pass through the intestines and are eventually excreted from the body. In one Neuliven Health clinical trial, the proprietary mulberry leaf extract in Glucocil was shown to inhibit carbohydrate absorption by 21%.

Glucocil Helps Reduce Production of Glucose

One of the liver’s jobs is to make glucose. The human body is like a hybrid car that runs on either gasoline or battery power. Gasoline, or glucose, is used for high-energy activities (or in times of stress), and battery power, or body fat, for low-energy activities. During the day, when food refuels the “gas tank,” the body burns mainly glucose. During sleep, it burns primarily fat. There are hormones and enzymes in the body that tell the liver when to produce glucose, but if the liver can’t properly read these signals—due to aging or poor health—excess glucose builds up in the bloodstream, often 200%-300% more than what is necessary. But Glucocil helps support the liver’s healthy production of glucose.

Glucocil Helps Increase the Uptake of Glucose

Insulin, a natural hormone made by the pancreas, controls blood sugar levels and also enables the body’s cells to use glucose for energy. When cells are ready and willing to accept the glucose to fuel your body, glucose uptake is normal. But when cells “ignore”—or become insensitive to—insulin, glucose uptake isn’t normal. That’s when excess glucose builds up in the bloodstream, with very serious implications. But you can boost insulin sensitivity by moderating what you eat and moving your body more. And Glucocil also helps activate insulin receptors and promotes insulin sensitivity.

Glucocil Has Even More Benefits

Promoting normal blood sugar is critical, but Glucocil doesn’t stop there. Glucocil goes beyond the 3 Essentials to deliver five additional benefits to support normal blood sugar:

Support Normal Blood Lipid Levels

Key ingredients in Glucocil have been found by clinical studies to support healthy cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.

Promote Heart, Blood Vessel and Circulatory Health

Glucocil contains cardio-protective and circulation-enhancing ingredients (fish oil, vitamin B1, B6 and D) that work steadily to support your cardiovascular system.

Contribute to Weight Management

Because being overweight has a major negative impact on your blood sugar levels, Glucocil is formulated to help with weight management, too. Glucocil reduces the amount of carbohydrates absorbed and also slows the absorption of remaining carbohydrates. When fewer carbohydrates are absorbed, fewer calories are absorbed, which contributes directly to weight management. And slower absorption of the remaining carbohydrates leads to a feeling of more fullness, which helps you maintain a healthy diet plan.