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(1) Promotes normal blood sugar levels, (2) Promotes weight loss, (3) Reduces absorption of sugars & other carbohydrates, (4) Promotes healthy insulin sensitivity & production, (5) Promotes heart, blood vessel & circulatory health, and (6) Promotes healthy energy.


Not many people know that there are 3 Essentials for keeping your blood sugar normal: (1) Reduce sugar absorption from food, (2) Reduce the liver’s sugar production, and (3) Increase the body’s use of sugar for energy. Target any one of the 3 Essentials and you'll improve your blood sugar levels. But target all 3 Essentials together, and you'll help keep your levels within the normal range. ONLY GLUCOCIL


The Simple Secret of Targeting All 3 Essentials for Normal Blood Sugar, Doctor Formulated, Clinically Researched Ingredients, Fast-Acting Softgels, Since 2008, 100,000+ Facebook Fans, Made in a FDA Certified and UL Registered GMP Facility in USA.


14 proven ingredients based on 144 clinical and laboratory research studies. In one clinical study, the proprietary mulberry leaf extract in Glucocil instantly lowered peak post-meal elevations by up to 44%. 

      Suggested Use

      For the first 3 days, take 1 softgel with lunch and 1 softgel with dinner. After 3 days, take 2 softgels with lunch and 2 softgels with dinner. If you forget to take Glucocil with a meal, feel free to take it after that meal.

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      Donald F.
      United States United States

      A good product. I have taken it for 4 years.

      Kostas P.
      United States United States

      This is a great product! It makes me feel more energetic and healthy. Highly recommend

      Kenneth F.
      United States United States

      Buy it for friends and family. After they use it, the feedback effect is very significant. Now all the people who need it from relatives and friends around ask to buy it. I hope to give more discounts. Thank you

      Barbara H.
      United States United States

      I love Glucocil! I love this product and will be ordering again Soon! I feel great!

      Gary J.
      United States United States
      It Does the Job

      Glucocil is an excellent over the counter product that works for keeping testing in the range of normal glucose readings. It does the job to help lead a normal life and activity.

      doug l.
      United States United States
      Glucocil has helped me

      Glucocil has helped me. Its a great product Thanks

      Mike M.
      United States United States
      Great product

      Great product.

      Portia M.
      United States United States
      Glucocil has really helped me

      Glucocil has really helped me. I have been taking it for around four years. Along with taking Glucocil, I try to eat healthy, limiting my carbs and sugar, and exercising three times a week. I highly recommend Glucocil.

      LARRY J.
      United States United States
      I have used Glucocil for years

      I have used Glucocil for years. I began a 'diminished' carbohydrate diet and a thrice weekly workout with my wife. I tried other 'carbohydrate-killers' to no avail. When I first tried Glucocil I could immediately tell I was in ketosis and my weight started to come down with my workouts. After a year, my wife, without telling me, began taking Glucocil. Now we both use Glucocil, watch our diet, workout, do a weight-check every Friday and have maintained our weight within a self-imposed 'five-pound-range'. Neither of us has been outside our target weight range for years. My doctor told me he did not know what I was doing but to keep it up. About two years ago I told him about my taking Glucocil and gave him the box to check the ingredients. He just shrugged and said, "It must work for you." Glucocil might not work for everyone but it has worked for me and for two of my friends who started using it. Those two are in their late sixties and early seventies. They too, 'fall off the diminished-carbohydrate wagon' at least once a week. I will turn 80 in June. Glucocil has definitely improved my health, allowed me to have a 'regular' higher carb meal occasionally for more than ten years. By the way, I only take one tablet in the morning, one during a light lunch and two with the evening meal. Also, when we have a meal with 'elevated' carbs, I usually take an additional tablet. Great stuff, for me, even though I think the cost is a little high. But - you get what you pay for.

      SPENCER M.
      United States United States
      More peace of mind.

      More peace of mind.

      I've been using Glucocil for 3 weeks, and I love it. Even though I take 3 a day, it's still good for me, keeping my blood sugar steady at 95. Thank you!


      I have also lost about 25-30 pounds during this process. I love what Glucocil has done for me. Thank you for great a product!


      So far, I’ve noticed that I’m full faster and don’t desire to eat as much. It seems to help with digesting my food. I started taking it before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


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      What Are The 3 Essentials for Normal Blood Sugar?

      Reduce Sugar Absorption From Food

      When you consume sugar and other carbohydrates, the intestines convert them into glucose. When eaten in excess, it is difficult for the body to maintain blood sugar levels within a normal range. Reducing the absorption of glucose in the intestines, however, can minimize these effects and support your overall blood sugar health.

      Reduce the Liver's Sugar Production

      The body naturally produces glucose in the liver. Glucocil helps to maintain stable blood sugar by keeping liver glucose production levels within a healthy range.

      Increase the Body’s Use Of Sugar

      When the body detects increased blood sugar levels, whether from food consumption or overproduction, it releases a hormone from the pancreas known as insulin. Insulin instructs our body’s cells to uptake glucose from the blood and use it as energy. When cells follow insulin’s instructions, then your body has healthy insulin sensitivity. As we age—or if we are not in optimal health—insulin sensitivity can decrease. Glucocil helps maintain healthy insulin sensitivity.

      Clinically Researched Ingredients Just for You

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      How Does Glucocil Help?

      Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels Icon

      Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

      Reduces Absorption of Sugars & Other Carbohydrates Icon

      Reduces Absorption of Sugars & Other Carbohydrates

      Promotes Insulin Sensitivity Icon

      Promotes Insulin Sensitivity

      Contributes to Weight Loss Icon

      Contributes to Weight Loss

      Fosters Heart, Blood Vessel & Circulatory Health Icon

      Fosters Heart, Blood Vessel & Circulatory Health

      Increases Energy Icon

      Increases Energy

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